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Ballast Bulb Replacement

Ballast and Bulb Replacement

Are you tired of listening to the hum of your fluorescent lights? Would you like more efficient fluorescent lighting? Ballast and bulb replacement services provided by SME Inc of Seattle can take care of that annoying noise of old ballasts by replacing them with newer and more efficient ballast technology and while we are at it, we can change out any burned out bulbs.

There are many different types of ballasts for fluorescent fixtures:

  • Ballasts made before 1979 are magnetic fluorescent ballasts that may contain PCBs. The expected life of these ballasts was only 10–15 years. The probability of failure, fire and risk of health and environmental hazard are great if these ballasts are still in use. If your building was built prior to 1980 and the fluorescent fixtures date back to this time, call SME, Inc. to inspect and perform ballast replacements.
  • Since 1988, energy efficient magnetic ballasts (10–12% greater efficiency than previous types) have been required by law to be used in new installations. These ballasts provided lower maintenance, cooler operation and had a longer life than predecessors had. However, the ballast consumes 10 watts of power with a lamp in the circuit and 4 watts without the lamp in place, making them less efficient than what is currently available.
  • Electronic ballasts operate using electronic components. This ballast type uses less power, operates at a cooler temperature, weighs less and provides a longer lamp life because it operates at a higher frequency.
  • A combination of electronic components and electromagnetic technology has allowed the production of hybrid ballasts. This type of ballast turns off the power to the cathode after lamp start, which reduces energy required by about 2.5 watts for each F40 lamp. Hybrids also have a long life expectancy of about 25 years, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. Hybrids are not designed for T8 lamps.

The newer types of electronic and electromagnetic ballasts are 12–30% more efficient than older types and have a longer life. Electronic ballasts eliminate the hum and flickering commonly experienced when using older types of ballasts.

Fluorescent lamps also have improved in efficiency over time. Using better electrodes and lamp coatings, the lamps are now able to produce an equal lumen output at far lower wattages than older lamp technology.

Florescent lighting is common in many businesses; the expense of maintenance – ballast and bulb replacement – can be quite costly over time. By retrofitting your existing fixtures with newer technology, what you save in maintenance costs could cover the cost of the retrofitting.

SME Inc of Seattle has over 40 years experience in all facets of electrical service, repair, design and installation. We happily provide service to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. No job is too small or too large for our professional team of electrical specialists. Call us to set up an appointment for ballast and bulb replacement or any other of our services.