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SME Inc of Seattle offers our customers a broad and deep range of electrical services across commercial and industrial industries and residential properties. From tenant improvement, new build or renovations to assembly lines, healthcare facilities or multi- or single-family residences, the team at SME Inc provides experienced engineers and licensed electricians who have the skill and expertise to design, install and complete any project.

Residential Electrical Services

Residential Electrical Inspections

Most people don't think about electrical safety inspections for their homes. However, it is a good idea to have your home inspected thoroughly once and periodically every 5 years to make sure that all electrical components are properly grounded, bonded and wired to meet local building codes. At SME, Inc. of Seattle our licensed electricians can inspect your home to assure your family's electrical safety.

The US Fire Administration estimated that nearly 30,000 homes catch fire annually due to electrical issues. While the most common fires are started by light bulbs, fixtures and lamps (28%), fixed wiring (22%) and faulty wiring (33%) account for over half the home fires. These numbers alone should motivate a homeowner to schedule an electrical safety inspection.

Here are some warning signs for probable electrical problems.

  • Lights dim or flicker
  • Wall outlets are warm or are discolored or spark when used
  • You notice a tingling feeling when touching an electrical appliance or metal enclosed device
  • Repeated tripping of circuit breakers or blown fuses
  • Continual burning odor coming from an area of the house, a room or an appliance

If any of these warning signs are occurring in your home, you have a potential electrical problem that could start a fire in your home.

SME Inc of Seattle will have one of our certified licensed electricians come to your home and check the integrity of your home's wiring system. If any of the problems noted above are occurring we will trace the problem to its source and correct it.

When we are performing an electrical safety inspection, we will also inspect and test the following:

  • Remove and test a percentage of your outlets and switches for correct wiring and the condition of the wires. If problems are found, we will check the remaining receptacles and repair the problems.
  • Ground fault interrupters or GFIs will be checked for proper functioning and we will recommend and can install GFIs where needed to meet code. Wiring will be checked for proper method and installation
  • Wiring will be checked for proper method and installation
  • Proper grounding will be inspected
  • On cable and telephone connections
  • For driven ground rod installation and connection
  • On main and sub panels
  • For open grounds and proper polarity
  • Corrosion of any grounds or bonding will be inspected
  • Overloading of outlets
  • Operational testing of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors will be checked and batteries replaced

Keep your family safe and your home protected. Call SME Inc of Seattle to set up an appointment for an electrical safety inspection for your home today.