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Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting or Can Lighting

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Recessed lighting also called can lighting (short for canister), is an excellent way to add accent, task or ambient lighting to your home. SME Inc of Seattle can help you bring recessed lighting to your home.

When building a new home, lighting needs should be well thought out as it is always easier and more cost efficient to install fixtures before drywall is installed than after. However, that doesn't mean canister lighting can't be added in existing homes. Using specially designed recessed light fixtures, SME Inc. can cut openings in the ceiling and install retrofitted fixtures. When installing a can light in an insulated ceiling, our electricians use heatproof fixtures, as some recessed lighting fixtures can get hot.

Homes that have older less efficient lighting can save energy costs by installing low–voltage can lights, with self–contained transformers that easily convert typical household current into the 12–volt power source. Homes with attic access allow SME Inc. electricians to install and wire the can lights from above.

We can help you figure out how many recessed lights you need for any given area or you can do your own planning using a few simple guidelines.

  • Can lights should be located a minimum of two feet from any wall
  • Spacing recessed light fixtures depends on the diameter of the fixture. Four inch canisters should be spaced about 4-feet apart, 6-inch diameters can be anywhere from 6 to 7 feet apart for eight foot ceilings
  • If using recessed lights to light art work four inch canisters work best
  • Three dimensional objects to be highlighted can use two or more can lights at different angles for proper lighting
  • Recessed lighting for specific tasks like cooking or reading in an office, the fixtures should be located slightly behind the work area and off to one side – this reduces glare off of countertops or reading material

Depending on the can light’s requirements and personal choice, there are several trim features available for recessed lights.

  • The most basic is a white or black baffle. White will tend to disappear more when lights are turned off, black baffles minimize glare off the ceiling surface
  • If you have a sloped ceiling trims are available for 2/12, 6/12 and 12/12 slopes
  • For shower lights special wet trims are used
  • To get a wash of lighting across walls, wall wash trim uses a reflector that pushes light high up on the wall
  • Directional trims allow the recessed light to be adjusted vertically and can be either protruding "eyeballs" or completely recessed

Whether you have a design or you need our help, SME Inc of Seattle has been providing electrical services to the greater Seattle and Puget Sound area for forty years. Our electricians are friendly and knowledgeable and provide great customer service, just check the testimonials from some of our happy customers. Call us at 206.329.2040 for recessed lighting installation or any other electrical services.