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Residential Generator Selection

Generator Selection - Portable Generators

Portable Generators – Residential vs. Commercial

Selecting a generator for your home depends on what you want powered when the electricity is down. If you're only interested in keeping your refrigerator and or freezer running, you probably will be happy with a portable generator. However, if you want enough power so you barely notice that the grid is no longer providing you with power, you'll be interested in an automatic standby generator. Here is a list of different portable generators

Portable Generators

Anywhere from recreational generators to professional grade generators can be used to power your home. Again, it depends on what you want to power.

Recreational Generators

For campers, tailgaiters and RVers, recreational generators are needed to power one or two small wattage appliances. These recreational generators are light enough to be portable and are fueled by gas. Thankfully, over the years, these once loud and obnoxious machines have become quieter due to inverter technology.

Wattages range from 1,000 to 5,500 with pricing starting around $300.

Emergency Generators

When you are looking for protection against a power outage you'll need to look at emergency generators matched to your need. Emergency generators have larger fuel tanks for longer duration between fueling and larger engines that produce more power to keep the appliances and other electrical devices, you deem important, running during an outage.

Wattages range from 1,200 to 17,500 with pricing starting below $500.

Semi–Professional Generators

Durable for construction sites as well as for home power, semi–professional generators bring you conveniences that lower models don't have. Many semi–professional generators come with GFCI outlets, a low–oil shutoff (warning or automatic shut–off) to protect the generator from use if the oil is low, an electric start button or key and a power bar showing the power output of the semi–professional generator.

Wattages range from 3,500–10,000 with pricing starting around $800 – $900.

Professional Generators

For those who want a heavy&nash;duty generator that can stand up to the rigors of a construction site as well as pumping power into your home. Larger fuel tanks, longer run time, hour meter, electric starter, low&nash;oil shutdown and GFCI outlets are standard on most professional generators. Usually made in limited quantities, professional portable generators are for people who want a heavy&nash;duty portable backup power source.

Wattages range from 2,500 – 15,000 with pricing starting around $1,000.

When deciding on a generator for your home, call SME Inc of Seattle, we can assist you in your choice for backup power with a portable generator.