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SME Inc of Seattle offers our customers a broad and deep range of electrical services across commercial and industrial industries and residential properties. From tenant improvement, new build or renovations to assembly lines, healthcare facilities or multi- or single-family residences, the team at SME Inc provides experienced engineers and licensed electricians who have the skill and expertise to design, install and complete any project.

Standby Electric Power Generators

Backup Power

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24/7 Power Outage Protection

Our winter storms and resultant power outages are becoming more frequent and intense. Are you tired of losing power during these storms? Are you looking to improve your emergency preparedness? Then you are a prime candidate for a standby generator. Generators are the most reliable and cost effective emergency backup power solution available today. Don’t be left in the dark! Prepare for the next winter storm with SME Inc of Seattle, your certified Generac Dealer.

Quick Facts

  • 2016, More than 200,000 customers in Washington were without power. The National Weather Service reported wind gusts up to 76 mph in Gray Harbor County.
  • 2015, Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency in Washington after a powerful storm cut power to more than 350,000 residents.
  • 2012, Severe winter storm knocked out power to more than 275,000 customers across the state.


  • Refrigeration/freezer for food and medicines
  • Furnace
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting – inside and outside
  • Clean water for drinking and bathing
  • Sump pump
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Contact with the outside world; Internet, cell phone chargers, TV, radio and more
  • Washing and drying clothes
  • Security system
  • Garage door opener
  • Fans
  • Medical equipment
  • Charging power tools for use during the emergency and post-outage cleanup
  • Monetary loss from temporary relocation, hotel costs, dining out, property damage, etc



Generac generators can power virtually any task at home or on the road, and keep the lights on during a power outage.


Whether your business is mission critical or you just want a competitive advantage over your competitors during a power outage, Generac backup generators can protect your bottom line.