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Commercial Generator Location

Commercial Generator Location

When considering the location of an electrical power generator, whether portable or permanently installed, there are some general power generator considerations to keep in mind.

Portable Generators

If you are going to utilize a portable standby generator or back-up electric generator, the biggest location concern is where to store it when it's not in use. The important thing to remember here is that you want to make it easy to get to and set up in the event of an emergency. The last thing you want to have to do is struggle with digging your portable electric generator out when you need it the most. Another thing to consider is you don't want to be searching for your electrical power cords, fuel, or anything else relating to your portable generator when the lights are out. You should also consider who will be the one, in most cases, to set up the portable electric generator. Make sure that person is properly trained. Finally, and most important, ALWAYS make sure your portable electric generator is set up in a well-ventilated area well away from you, your employees, and anyone else.

Permanently Installed Power Generators

Since time is of the essence for your business during an electrical power outage, the permanently installed option is favored by many business owners in part due to the ease and reliability of the system. Let's face it, when that inconvenient electrical power outage occurs, and it's always inconvenient, wouldn't you feel better knowing you had a properly installed and well-maintained emergency power system ready to supply you with electrical power for the duration of the outage?

Most standby commercial generators don't take up any more space than a standard size parking space. In many cases, customers have them installed in close proximity to their buildings, frequently occupying a parking space close to other electrical or mechanical equipment.

If you choose a standby electrical generator, keep a few things in mind when placing it. A standby generator should always be positioned in a well-ventilated, outdoor space and never next to a window or air intake because of potentially harmful carbon monoxide exhaust. Please keep in mind the locations of all of your personnel. You should also check with local codes to see if there are setback guidelines in your area.

Although some customers take the initiative to place and mount the various components, it is highly recommended that you have your final generator connections done by licensed electricians. It will also ease your mind knowing that you can rely on licensed electricians for electrical connections and licensed plumbers for gas connections as well as ensuring you have the proper permitting. Also, it is sometimes necessary to have an electrical generator professionally installed to maintain its warranty.

Call SME Inc of Seattle today for your free consultation and estimate. We are authorized distributors for Generac generator systems and have factory trained and certified licensed electricians ready to install your emergency power generator system. If you are purchasing your emergency standby generator from another reputable company, we can assist with the complete installation of that system as well.