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SME Inc of Seattle offers our customers a broad and deep range of electrical services across commercial and industrial industries and residential properties. From tenant improvement, new build or renovations to assembly lines, healthcare facilities or multi- or single-family residences, the team at SME Inc provides experienced engineers and licensed electricians who have the skill and expertise to design, install and complete any project.

Floor Outlets

Floor Outlets

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The only difference between wall outlets and floor outlets is location. Floor outlets generally are flush mounted in concrete, wood or carpeted flooring. Outlets can be installed a few feet from walls to allow for lamps, computers or other electrical devices to be plugged in without having a cord running across a walkway.

While floor outlets are convenient they will require some planning. Most people will change the furniture around in a room a few times over the years and without planning, floor outlets won't be any more convenient than wall outlets. At SME Inc. we have the ability to provide you with design help and we can install the floor outlets.

While there isn’t a lot of variety in floor outlet designs there are a few options.

  • There are single, double or triple floor boxes if using a rectangular configuration
  • For circular floor outlets you can have one or two outlets per box
  • Floor box assemblies are made for wood, carpet, tile and concrete flooring
  • There are both hardwood flanges and carpet flanges that are made from polycarbonate, nonmetallic or brass
  • The faceplates of the floor outlets come in nonmetallic (usually ivory or gray in color), brass, aluminum or custom colored material
  • The floor box will be cast iron or stamped metal
  • Outlet covers are pop ups, hinged or threaded
  • Floor outlets can be wired for power and voice/data

Obviously floor outlets are easier to install in new builds than existing homes but SME Inc. can do both. Depending what the floor substrate is made of installation can be fairly simple or quite complex. If you are thinking of having floor outlets installed, call SME Inc. we can help you plan and give you a competitive price. Call SME Inc. at 206.329.2040 for an appointment to install floor outlets in your home.