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Technical Glass Products

Technical Glass Products – Owners

2008 NAIOP Industrial Project of the Year Award

2010 ABC Excellence in Construction Award - Electrical & Communications category

GC: Opus NW Contractors, LLC; Electrical Contract: $1.92MM; Project Timeline: Groundbreaking August 2007; Office Building Completion – September 2008; Manufacturing Completion – December 2009

The Technical Glass Products project included a 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility with an attached three-story office building and parking garage. The owner visualized the building to be a sales tool hence, glass is prominently featured throughout the building, infrastructure is exposed and lighting appears to be integral to the building. The office’s exterior lighting helped qualify this facility for a LEED Gold rating.

SME’s electrical scope included a 3,200 amp electrical service, a sophisticated lighting control system, which was programmed to minimize electricity consumption and maximize the use of sunlight in the building, parking lot and site lighting, a complete design-build fire alarm system, as well as providing conduits for the security system, access system, and surveillance cameras, an 80 kW back-up generator system for computer systems and selected office areas and T–5 standard light fixtures using T–5 HO lamps to provide higher level light output with lower electricity consumption.

The choice to have an exposed infrastructure with floating ceiling clouds and the need to showcase the building’s unusual angles, SME’s conduit runs, cable trays and other electrical items had to be installed carefully to artistically enhance the look of the facility.

Pre-fabrication allows SME to cut down installation time and to double output as pre-fab can be done off-site and out of sequence in conjunction with usual project labor. Three areas were pre-fabricated: transformers, branch assemblies and conduit bending and threading.

The owner wanted the light fixtures to appear to be an integral part of the building. SME worked closely with Callison Architects to design and source these specialty fixtures, many of which were made in Italy. We were able to reduce the fixture costs, implement the energy savings requirements and achieve the look desired by the owner.

Typically, we would have a project’s fixtures shipped to our pre-fab shop to be un-boxed and prepped for a single point connection installation. Since these fixtures were very delicate and packaged in special shipping containers, reducing our handling and transportation of these fixtures to an absolute minimum was imperative. We set-up our installation prep operation on-site and in doing so, we were able to maximize our installation efficiency without compromising the integrity of the specialty light fixtures.

The City of Snoqualmie had special design criteria for Technical Glass Product’s site lighting in order to achieve a unique look for the business park. Snoqualmie City Council had to approve the site lighting prior to installation. SME used GPS mapping to accurately complete record drawings of the site utilities.

The manufacturing facility construction centered on scheduling the equipment moves from the old facility to the new facility while minimizing production downtime. SME prepped the old equipment for moving, worked closely with the owner’s moving company regarding a schedule and then reconnected the equipment at the new plant. The entire plant was relocated in under one week – Technical Glass missed less than four days of production. After the move, the machinery required testing and certification by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). We worked closely with Technical Glass to conduct this UL testing, adding new pieces of equipment and keeping the plant continuously up and running. Project schedule was met.

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