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Packard Building

Packard Building (Foley Sign Company) – Barrientos LLC, Developer

2011 Excellence in Construction Award – Electrical & Communications for the Packard Building project in Seattle, WA

GC: Marpac Construction, LLC; Electrical Contract: $994,000; Project Timeline: November 2008 – January 2010

More recently known as the Foley Sign Company to Capitol Hill residents, the Packard Building at 12th and East Pine was originally built in 1911. The historical north and west facades were to be retained on this mixed-use, design/build project. As a seven storied building, the Packard Building includes 4,600 sq ft of office space, 5,000 sq ft of retail space, and 56 apartment units with a parking garage and rooftop garden.

The SME team submitted multiple electrical drawing renditions due to architectural floor plan revisions, final owner decisions on lighting and fine tuning by our project manager, prior to submitting a construction set to the field. Our superintendent worked extensively with our CAD department to produce slab on grade and PT deck electrical drawings for coordination purposes, he did an excellent job with layout - assuring that nothing was missed - and planned out proper concrete contingencies for rough-in. His overall performance and craftsmanship not only won over the respect of the other construction members, but also that of the electrical inspector who commented multiple times on his abilities and the overall quality of SME’s installation.

As part of SME’s quality control, responsibilities were split up amongst our field staff.

  • Our superintendent handled the 2500 amp service and overall shell & core activities.
  • Our residential foreman was in charge of the residential units. His layout was impeccable, hitting every critical location with counter top and microwave devices dead on. The expectations and mentoring he provided his crew yielded equally great results with both quality of craftsmanship and a very high level of production.
  • Our project manager performed a very thorough inspection prior to the owner/architect walks-through.
  • As a result of the high level of quality control, SME incurred less than four hours of total punch list time with ZERO injuries during the crew’s 7,300 total project hours performed.

Success in this project is also attributable to our pre-fab strategy and crew. The list of components the pre-fab crew provided for PT deck and wall rough-in is extensive. The most notable are the pre-fabricated panels with all home runs coiled and terminated, recessed cans with fire-rated enclosures, templates for placing boxes and bangers in the PT deck, as well as templates for mounting the track at trim time, plus kitting all residential trim devices per unit into a paper grocery bag. This bag also served to neatly dispose of our minor trim garbage, a technique utilized in fulfilling our housekeeping responsibilities during the finishing stages.

Our pre-fab crew even designed and custom built an innovative deck sleeve when presented with our request for a couple of angled sleeves for the phone conduits. Pre-fab custom built some angled sleeves so that we could penetrate the deck with a 45 degree elbow and the stub directly to the demarc backboard. Pre-fab ultimately performed 18% of the residential work on this project and contributed immeasurably to the project’s success.

The final factor that contributed to the success of the Packard project is that it started out with a healthy team of construction innovators and finished in good health due to the efforts of quality construction crews. At SME we applaud that effort and look forward to many experiences like this in the future.

Front View of Old Packard Building. Side View of Old Packard Building. Packard Building During Tear Down. Tear Down Front View. Tear Down Structure View. Packard Building Mid Construciton. Electrical Conduit During Construction Phase. Newly Completed Corner View. Newly Completed Front View. Packard Building Entrance. Packard Building Elevator. Packard Building Lighting. Packard Building Apartment Kitchen. Packard Building Loft. Packard Building Apartment Kitchen Lighting. Packard Building Living Room. Packard Building Hall Way. Packard Building Garage. Packard Building Intercom. Packard Building Stair Access. Packard Building Mechanical Room. Packard Building High & Low Voltage Switchgear. Packard Building Breaker Box. Packard Building Large Conduit. Packard Building Circuit Breaker Box. Packard Building Construction Snow Day. Packard Building Roof Top. Packard Building Roof Top Lighting. Packard Building Roof Top Fire Pit. Packard Building View of Space Needle. Packard Building Seattle View.