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SME Inc of Seattle offers our customers a broad and deep range of electrical services across commercial and industrial industries and residential properties. From tenant improvement, new build or renovations to assembly lines, healthcare facilities or multi- or single-family residences, the team at SME Inc provides experienced engineers and licensed electricians who have the skill and expertise to design, install and complete any project.

About Us | Sustainable Building

Sustainable Building

Also known as green building, sustainable building takes into account both social and economic development of the site and the building. Beginning with the choice of the site, green building looks to reduce the impact that the structure has on the surrounding land and community. From design and construction, maintenance and use through remodeling and demolition, the entire life of a building is looked at with a focus on recycling, reducing energy costs and using environmentally friendly materials and practices.

Natural Resources

  • Sustainable building considers the natural state of the piece of property and seeks to conserve and enhance the ecology and its inherent biodiversity.
  • Water consumption and the efficient use of water are examined for ways to capture natural rainwater, control run off to prevent flooding or pollution, and to incorporate low water use fixtures and equipment.
  • Energy use focuses on building placement, high insulating factors, use of natural daylight, as well as efficient appliances, equipment and smart systems to regulate temperature and lighting based on need, task and occupancy.


The building materials as well as the furnishings life cycle are considered.

  • Life expectancy of the materials is considered.
  • Products are chosen that have a low impact on the environment during its extraction processes, manufacturing and during use.
  • Toxic materials are avoided as well as materials that come from a non–renewable source.
  • Local products and reused or recycled materials are incorporated to reduce the carbon footprint from transportation and manufacturing.
  • Furnishings that are made with non–toxic materials and coatings to reduce off gassing and provide a healthier environment for its occupants are used.
  • Sound and air quality are addressed to increase the healthy atmosphere of a building for all occupants.
  • Providing space for people to congregate and interact is as important as the workstations.
  • The building itself should add benefit to the community by integrating well into the surroundings and the landscape.

Cost of Ownership

If the building is not affordable to operate and transition throughout the life of the structure, it is not a sustainable building. Remodeling and alterations need the same attention as the original construction to retain the green building advantage.

More local governments are requiring a larger percentage of new buildings to meet the current LEED standards. At SME Inc of Seattle, we can help your building meet the requirements for LEED certification as we have dedicated accredited staff members and a licensed professional full–service staff. Visit our sister company NW Wind & Solar for renewable energy solutions. Contact us for sustainable building experience and knowledge.

Technical Glass Products
Technical Glass Products

New construction of a Class A/LEED Gold office building with attached manufacturing facility located at 8107 Bracken Place S. in Snoqualmie, WA.