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SME Inc of Seattle provides a wide range of services, across the Residential, Commercial and Industrial industries. Whether you are renovating your workplace, replacing a light socket, installing video surveillance equipment, or remodeling your home, SME’s team of experienced, licensed electricians have the skill and expertise to complete your project.

Standby Electric Power Generators

Standby Electric Power Generators for your Home and Business

Please click on a link below to find out more about standby generators for your home or business.

Residential Generators
generac residential generator

Power outages occur when you least expect it and normally last longer then you can afford with devastating effects. If the power ever goes out, your Generac standby generator goes on - automatically - protecting you and your home 24/7.

Commercial Generators
generac commercial generator

For a business losing power can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Generac revolutionized the commercial generator market with the first standby generators powerful enough to back your entire business without the cost of the more expensive configured systems.